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Terry gillespir

I recently finished a six day blacksmith class from well known school. I decideded at last minute to take a two day class with Steve to increase my skill level. What a difference! I can unequivocaly say I learned more from Steve in two days than I did at the previous school in six. His […]


Blacksmithing, is truly an artform, its filled with challenge, beauty, and constant learning. Thats what makes it so easy to love, andif you have the drive to learn this ancient art that his been with us for thousands of years, I think Steve is a pretty darn good teacher to set you on the path, […]

Carol & Liz

It was initially a little intimidating to work with the forge and all the new tools, but Steve is an excellent teacher who provided just the right amount of coaching provided with his easy going sense of humor. Before I knew it I had actually created something beautiful on the forge and the time just […]

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