Elana and Chance

We took Steve’s class last weekend and I can legitimately it was the best workshop and trade experience we have had by a mile. We were both a bit nervous going in about the pressure of doing something we had never done before, but in not even 5 minutes, Steve turned anxiety and uncertainty in to humour, excitement and best of all a relaxed environment were questions were encouraged and we quickly felt like we had known him for years. We additionally found Steve’s style of instruction to be laid back but super informative and he to seemed naturally adjust to whatever speed someone was comfortable going, which just shows what a naturally great teacher he is. By the end we were tired but grinning ear to ear and could not believe how much we had accomplished and learned in a single weekend, and I (Chance) now find myself enthralled with blacksmithing and Elana loved it too! To anyone on the fence of wanting to try out Cowboy Forge, I’m here to tell you, do it 100% whether blacksmithing becomes just an interest or a passion, what Im certain of is you wont regret spending a weekend under steve’s guidance (he’s got some pretty awesome stories and a good joke or two as well). Thanks so much Steve and we can’t wait to see you again sometime in the not too distant future.

-Chance and Elana

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